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Tallie Feb 2013 - Brown-Gold


Tallie in High Park












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Tallie Rabin – Interview on “Leave The Marriage, Keep The Love”


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Tallie Rabin coaches people to divorce peacefully and create a personal and family life that works for everyone, now, not “later after things settle.”

As a mother of three children, Tallie accomplished peaceful divorce. Tallie graduated with a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Toronto. She developed a successful career in management at the University of Toronto and is the founder of a growing international not-for-profit organization, Peace by PEACE. After her own personal experience with a divorce, where she turned a potentially disastrous situation into a remarkably workable one, Tallie completed her Masters in Adult Education focusing on “Creating Peaceful Divorce & Family Forever Lifestyle.” Her coaching focuses on supporting individuals and couples in creating workability during and after divorce. Her belief is that “peace” doesn’t look the same for everyone. Through communication and guidance she will support any individual or couple in designing a plan that works uniquely for them, and mentor them through fulfilling their plan.

Tallie believes all people have the right to be coached and supported professionally, with compassion. Tallie’s coaching leaves her clients with peace of mind and freedom. Clients gain the courage to take action immediately and confidently. Tallie shows her clients exactly how to create the family life they want and take it from vision to reality.


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